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Our Team

Erik & Cortney Tabor 
President & Vice President
30 years experience

Tabor's Landscaping & Garden Center Inc. was founded in 1992 by Erik and Cortney Tabor. The business was first located in New Middletown, OH and moved to its current location in the spring of 2000. Erik is the president and proud owner of Tabor's. He has many responsibilities such as meeting with clients, designing and overseeing the landscape projects that are in progress. He is also an active member in the community serving as Beaver Township Trustee. Cortney is the vice president of the company. Her duties include billing, payroll, etc. She is also involved in the retail end of the business. Erik and Cortney are the proud parents of two children. The family has many hobbies that they enjoy doing together. 


Harry Kale
General Manager
25 years experience 

Harry  has 25 years experience starting at Tabors Landscaping in 1993. Over the years Harry has had many different roles within the company. He took on the title as General Manager in 2003. Harry enjoys woodworking and gardening in his spare time. 


Al Bowles 
Construction Foreman
23 years experience

Al has been with Tabors Landscaping since 1995. After his first season Al became a foreman. Learning on the fly, Al has been leading both our landscapes and construction division for 22 years. Al is well rounded in all the aspects of the Landscaping Industry. He is a family man, spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Al is an avid Steelers fan.


Tom Voytko
Material Handling 
8 years experience

Tom started at Tabors Landscaping in 2010. Tom enjoys helping the crews get projects done on time and efficiently. 

Rick Maynard
Outdoor Lighting Specialist 
6 years experience

Rick started with the company in the spring of 2012. He is the outdoor lighting specialist and also a Maintenance foreman. 

Tony Irazarry 

Field Tech

Since 2017


Shop Cat/Pest Control/Customer Service

Whisker's wear's many hats here at Tabor's Landscaping. Whether it's roaming around the Garden Center keeping it clean of nuisance critters,  sleeping on Erik's chair, or greeting customers, Whiskers is always on the job! Everyone loves to visit with Whiskers when they shop the Garden Center. 

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